The American Supplier Institute

The American Supplier Institute (ASI) is a nonprofit, employee-owned company with the mission of helping organizations meet the needs of customers through research, training, implementation and publications on quality improvement techniques.

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For over fourteen years, the American Supplier Institute has been working with business and industry to bring the latest in management and quality improvement techniques, methods, and philosophies to companies worldwide. In fact, we pioneered the implementation of QFD and Taguchi Methods in the United States, and our experts are world class. With Dr. Genichi Taguchi as our Executive Director and Shin Taguchi as President, we have unequaled access to the latest developments of Taguchi philosophy and methods. We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to help you become more cost competitive.

Greater improvements in quality, productivity, and cost can be realized by applying these methods early in the process. That is why ASI's focus is largely on these "upstream" areas, such as R&D, Product Design, and Product Development. The latest developments in Taguchi Methods focus on "Technology Development," making a company's technology more "robust" and "universal," allowing for a wider range of applicability with the assurance that it will perform as the customer intends. TRIZ is a tremendous new opportunity for creating breakthrough designs and design conflict resolution that ASI will be bringing to a broad range of industries beginning in 1996. ASI will continue to focus on the needs of its customers as the demands for quality and productivity improvements continue to increase.